This is amazing and has tasks a struggling artist needs to remember!


The Makers Summit took place a couple of weeks ago, and I’m still processing, thinking, and trying to put all these inspiring concepts into practice in my day-to-day routine.

The day was full and rich with information.  Grace Kang, Amy Flurry, Stephen Fraser, and Kimm Alfonso were such amazing speakers, but everyone I heard from, on stage and off, was a huge inspiration.
The best part of the day was meeting and talking with new creative entrepreneurs.  These people are amazing.  Everyone represented a different creative businesses (jewelers, painters, bloggers, knitters, letter-pressers, ceramicists…) yet somehow, it felt like we were all on the same team, working towards the same goal: Make amazing things and provide people with amazing products worth treasuring.


Top 20 things I learned at the Makers Summit:

  1. Give people something they wish they could make themselves but can’t.  You have a unique set of skills. …

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Beautiful details of the mundane.

New American Paintings/Blog

Carl Hammoud’s message is an open book. This may be unhelpful on the surface, as that book is comprised of blank pages — just as a series of labeled jars (for volatile chemicals? Scented oils? Are they filled at all?) appear without elucidating text. Yet therein lies the message: an image’s power to represent reservoirs of information while simultaneously being that reservoir of information. His debut U.S. solo exhibition, A Zone of Reduced Complexity at Lora Reynolds Gallery in Austin, bears much to consider. — Brian Fee, Austin contributor

Carl Hammoud | Collection, 2012, Oil on linen, 27 3/16 x 31 3/16 inches. Courtesy the artist and Lora Reynolds Gallery.

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Valentines art piece

As a precursor to the art I need to tell you a bit about my situation because it is the inspiration. At the beginning of December I had surgery on my back from a bulging disc that bulged into my nerves. Well I spent a lot of December alone at home. At the beginning of January the disc bulged out worse than before and I had surgery again at the beginning of the month. This time I spent my time at my parents home to hopefully prevent further injury. Well since December my husband  has  worked hard to keep us afloat and participated in a band. We have not seen each other in the past two months, which caused tension. Since being with my parents he has cut back with his band, visits often, and has been working hard on us. Now I am part of a local gallery called Bismarck downtown artist cooperative or bdac. We have a Valentine’s show every year. My struggle is to come up with a piece that embodies my situation. The seperated love. I have downloaded pictures from the internet as inspiration. Alas it may take a bit of thinking to get it just right. Heres one I kind of like. Feel free to comment. Will post finished products and such on my Facebook Miranda pollert creations.  The only thing I would change would be them holding hands around the wall.



Well this is my first post. I am studying from a book from Barnes and Nobles that is called “How to survive and prosper as an artist”. I am finding it very informative. Starting this blog was one of the tasks it suggests, so here I am. I encourage feedback and will be writing again!